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The pages of the peer-reviewed scientific journal "Philosophy of Education" highlight the ideas that fundamental changes in the socio-economic, political, and socio-cultural life of modern society are accompanied by the modernization of the education system, which in these conditions demonstrates high adaptive capabilities and continues to activate the potential of its development.
At the same time, market relations continue to be strengthened in the educational space, changing its status, which dictates the need for management structures to determine the educational strategy, taking into account all factors in the development of the post-industrial, information-globalizing world. The social order of the education system in the intensive development of intellectual potential requires clear positions, principles and priorities from education.
Readers of our journal are interested in the ever-expanding geography of participants in publications. On the pages of the journal one can get acquainted with the results of theoretical positions and scientific research on education issues of both Russian scientists and scientists from the near (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Abkhazia, etc.) and far abroad (Macedonia, Greece, Brazil, Iran, the United States, the Czech Republic, India, etc.).

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