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On the pages of our "Philosophy of Education" journal there have been repeatedly outlined the ideas that the dramatic changes in the socio-economic, political, social and cultural life of modern Russian society are accompanied by reforming of the education system. There takes place a change of the major social- political goals, which is connected with Russia's transition to new social relations, which have objectively demanded a change of course in the educational policy .

It should be noted that in recent years there has been launched realization of the long-term development of the economy and social sphere, new technologies have begun to develop, some measures have been implemented to overcome the consequences of the global financial crisis, to fight corruption, etc.; and on this background the education system not only has not been destroyed, but also has demonstrated high adaptive capabilities.

However, market relations continue to strengthen in the educational space, changing its status (the sphere of services) that force the management structures to define educational strategy taking into account all factors in the development of post-industrial, information globalizing world, as well as cultural specificities and human potential of the country. Furthermore, a social request for the education system should be identified; the spontaneous market of educational services should be transformed into the rapidly developing, science-based one.

These issues were discussed repeatedly at international conferences, symposiums, scientific and methodological seminars, on the constantly operating webinar "Forecasting the development of domestic education", etc. Materials of scientific events are partially published in the issues of our journal. At present, we continue to acquaint you with the main ideas that aroused the interest of the participants of scientific events.

Today, the geography of the authors of our journal has considerably expanded: from Vladivostok, Birobidzhan to St. Petersburg, Moscow. The authors of the articles are the scientists of the near abroad (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Abkhazia, etc.) and the distant abroad (Macedonia, Greece, Brazil, Iran, USA, Czech Republic, etc.).

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