The topics of the headings of the journal “Philosophy of Education” were founded in accordance with the nomenclature of scientific specialties approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation by branches of science:
09.00.00 - philosophical sciences
09.00.01 - Ontology and theory of knowledge;
09.00.11 - Social philosophy.
13.00.00 - pedagogical sciences
13.00.02 - Theory and methods of teaching and education (by areas and levels of education).
The editorial staff accepts previously unpublished research articles containing important research results, original research papers and review articles by Russian and foreign researchers (candidates and doctors of science, teachers, graduate students), as well as reviews of research papers on the theory and practice of education, materials of round tables and conferences, reports on ongoing scientific events, transcripts of scientific events, brief scientific reports and notes on the following topics:
• Methodological foundations of the philosophy of education (ontological, epistemological, axiological).
• Human problems in the philosophy of education.
• Issues of education in the space of modern globalization and geopolitics.
• Informatization, ecologization, Economics, law and education.
• Formation of the world educational space.
• Socio-cultural, ethical, aesthetic, spiritual problems of philosophy of education and upbringing.
• Philosophy of education in the Western and Eastern traditions.
• Modern integration of science and education.
• Specific methods and innovations in the practice of the educational process.
• Health-saving technologies in education.
• Praxiology and quality of education.
• Theory of pedagogy: new technologies and innovations.
• Theory of education: Russian and world experience.
* In accordance with the Russian and world transformations in science and education, the topics of headings in the journal can be updated according to the nomenclature of scientific workers' specialties: 09.00.00 - Philosophical Sciences; 13.00.00 - pedagogical sciences.

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