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The journal "Philosophy of education" is intended to become a "platform" for professional discussion of a wide range of issues related to the development of education science.

On the pages of the magazine the analysis of actual problems of development of society and education, ensuring culture and quality of education, legal, social protection of participants of process of education is offered.
The most important principle of the journal – multidisciplinary coverage of both traditional problems of the theory and philosophy of education, and issues of modern Economics, pedagogy, the specifics of modern educational policy.
The issues of modern education are of concern to the educational community, all citizens of the Russian Federation who are concerned about the prospects of Russia's development, since the fate of society and the fate of education have always been, are and will be closely interrelated. These issues are actively discussed in the pages of the journal "Philosophy of education", in the publications of which there is a search for new in education (upbringing), corresponding to the trends in the development of society. Social philosophy, as well as included in it a block of problems of philosophy of education makes the development of education (upbringing) the main object and subject of research. Meanwhile, in the conditions of some information disunity and insufficient funding of science, there are often situations when interesting studies become known only to a narrow circle of specialists, and their results are published in departmental collections of scientific works that are not widely distributed.

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