About the journal

About the journal

Since 2001, at the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University there has been established the Research Institute of Philosophy of Education, on the basis of which the journal "Philosophy of Education" was created with the aim of close cooperation with the chairs of social sciences, research departments, specialized councils, etc. The creation of the journal has intensified the holding of scientific conferences, congresses, seminars, and since 2017 has allowed carrying out cooperation with the Russian academy of education of the Russian Federation.

It is important that in the conditions of information disunity, when significant studies in education become known only to a narrow circle of specialists, the journal “Philosophy of Education” has the task of providing an environment for the exchange of scientific ideas (projects) between scientists and practitioners in an expanding interdisciplinary and international scientific and educational community.

The purpose of the journal is the philosophical comprehension of the trends in the development of Russian education in the context of radical transformation of the Russian society, the analysis of the problems of education and upbringing, and the justification of the ways of their integration with science.

The tasks are:

· Philosophical understanding of modern educational policy, selection and publication of original articles in the field of methodology, epistemology, axiology and praxeology of pedagogical theories, introductory publications of topical ideas of other publications, review of philosophical works and scientific reports on conference materials.

· Consolidation of the scientific and educational community in order to promote the development of its research and development activities;

· Creation of a platform for discussion of scientific and educational research conducted in universities (higher education institutions) in Russia and in the world community.

The journal is addressed to the teaching staff of universities, philosophers, teachers, anyone who is interested in the latest results of fundamental and applied research on topical problems in the field of education, provides a scientific platform for all those involved in scientific, scientific and pedagogical activities in Russia and abroad.

The journal is included in the "List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of the thesis for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor and Candidate of Science should be published." It is recommended for expert councils on philosophy and pedagogy.

The index in the all-Russian catalog: 82326.

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