The journal "Philosophy of education" is a peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 2001.
International standard serial number (International Standard Serial Number): ISSN 1811-0916
The journal is registered by the Federal service for supervision of communications, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor): PI No. 77-12553 of April 26, 2002; PI No. 77-77136 dated November 6, 2019.
ID in the RKN registry: 225943
Periodicity of the journal: 4 times a year.
Subscription Index: "Press of Russia", "Ural-Press" - 43793.
  • Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Novosibirsk state pedagogical University» (28 Vilyuyskaya Street, Novosibirsk, 630126, Russia).
  • Federal state budgetary institution of science Institute of philosophy and law of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (8 Nikolaeva Street, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia).
It is printed in the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2 Morskoy Prospekt, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia) according to the following schedule:

№ 1 - March 

№ 2 - June 

№ 3 - September 

№ 4 - December 

The issues of the journal and publications are assigned a DOI (Digital object identifier), EDN.
Language (s): Russian, English.
Territory of distribution: Russian Federation, foreign countries.
Articles are accepted for publication throughout the year in the following areas:
  • Philosophical Sciences (Ontology and theory of knowledge, Social  and political philosophy).
  • Pedagogical Sciences (Theory and methods of teaching and education (by areas and levels of education)).
All submitted materials are reviewed (double-blind peer review). 
Articles published in the journal and their metadata are stored in the Russian state library, the Russian book chamber, on the publisher's server, on the platform of the Scientific electronic library, available in open access on the journal's website (http://www.phil-ed.ru). 
Conditions for posting articles are presented on the official website of the journal (http://www.phil-ed.ru) in the section " For Authors", as well as in the printed version of the journal. 
The purpose of the journal is to consolidate the Russian and international scientific and pedagogical community for the conceptual development of a new methodology for the philosophy of education in the field of philosophical sciences (ontology and theory of knowledge, social and political philosophy) and pedagogical sciences (theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing by fields and levels of education).
The journal is addressed to the teaching staff of universities, researchers, teachers and heads of educational institutions interested in the latest results of fundamental and applied research on current problems of the "society - education - person" system. 
The journal is a peer-reviewed scientific publication of original and review articles based on fundamental philosophical foundations (ontology of education, epistemology of education, axiology of education, praxiology of education).
The result of the review is the main document of the examination to determine the quality and compliance with the scientific and theoretical orientation of the journal. The total review period is 1 month. The results of the review are reported to the author (s).
Previously unpublished articles corresponding to the scientific specialization of the journal, designed according to the requirements of the journal and not containing borrowings are accepted for publication. This article should not be submitted for consideration in another journal, in case of detection of this incident, the published article will be retracted. The total deadline for making a decision for publication is four months.
With the author(s) of the manuscript of the paper accepted for publication, Consent is issued for the right to use scientific work in the "Philosophy of Education" journal (see the section "Authors" - "Formatting rules for authors").
Articles accepted for publication are edited. The editorial board reserves the right to correct errors at the stage of editing the article. The proofreading of the articles is coordinated with the author(s). No royalties for the published materials are paid.
The editorial board of the journal" Philosophy of Education " works strictly with the authors of the manuscripts of articles without intermediaries; does not provide for accelerated publication dates; recognizes the requirements of compliance with the ethics of scientific publications and declares that there are no abuses of official position.
We invite authors for publication in the scientific peer-reviewed journal "Philosophy of education"



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