Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Responsibilities of Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is constantly making efforts to improve the professional and formal quality of the journal, supports the freedom of speech and, in accordance with the generally accepted standards of ethics, is always ready to publish a correction, retraction and apology by prior arrangement.

The Editorial Board publishes instructions concerning the entire editorial work (instructions for authors, guides for the review process and guides for the reviewers, and so on). The Editorial Board guarantees the compliance with the above rules.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on international rules for the protection of copyright, the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, international publishing standards; supports the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications; organizes the work of editors and publishers on the basis of the ethical standards contained in the Code of Conduct and best practice guidelines for the journal editor and the Code of Conduct for the journal publisher, which are developed by the Publishing Ethics Committee (COPE). The editorial staff declares the absence of malpractice.

Editorial ethics of the journal

(based on the Provision of Chapter 70 “Copyright” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation):

Responsibilities of authors or a group of authors (hereinafter, the author)

The author is responsible for the authenticity and reliability of the results of scientific research and the content of the paper.

The author must guarantee that the research results presented in the paper are completely original.

The author must guarantee that the paper will not be published in other journals.

Authors should follow the instructions for authors and follow the citation rules.

Authors are required to respond to reviewer comments and make proposed changes based on these comments. 

Responsibilities of editors

The editors are responsible for the content of the journal and the quality of the published papers.

The editors maintain objectivity with all submitted papers, that is, they are required to avoid conflicts of interest in relation to the papers that they reject/accept, and they must respect the basic criteria of the paper selection:

– the professional level and relevance of the paper;

– the correspondence of the topic of the paper to the professional focus of the jour­nal.

The editors are required to ensure anonymity of the reviewers and the authors during the review process.

Based on collaborative approach, the editors respond to the possible appeals of the authors concerning the reviewers' comments and to other complaints. The editors have complete responsibility and authority to accept/reject the paper.

Responsibilities of reviewers

The reviewer should be objective in his/her evaluation.

 The reviewer must not misuse the information provided in the paper under consideration for the personal or other gains.