Information about the procedure and terms of reviewing

Regulations on the procedure for reviewing

The "Philosophy of Education" journal is a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

Peer review is obligatory as the main document of examination to determine the quality and compliance of the material with the scientific and thematic focus of the journal.

The manuscript of the article submitted to the editorial board undergoes an initial examination for compliance with the journal's subject matter and formatting requirements (“single-blind” peer review). The editors fix the date of receipt.

The manuscript of the article accepted for consideration is sent for review to several reviewers - the members of the editorial board or external (invited) specialists who have a scientific specialization close to the subject of the article (“two-sided blind” review).

Based on the analysis of the manuscript of the article, the reviewer makes a conclusion: “recommend for publication, no revision is required”, “recommend for publication after the comments are taken into account”, “send for additional review”, “do not recommend for publication”.

The main criteria for evaluating the manuscript of the article are:

  • assessment of scientific novelty;
  • compliance of the content with the stated topic;
  • level of scientific and professional style;
  • structured text and logical presentation of thought;
  • compliance of the research objective with the results/conclusions;
  • reliability of conclusions.

The editors send the results of the review to the author (authors) of the submitted manuscript.

The decision of the editors to accept for publication is based on the received positive recommendations from the reviewers. In this case, the date of acceptance for publication is fixed.

In the event that the reviewer decides to “recommend for publication after the correction of comments”, the author is sent the recommendations of the reviewer (reviewers) concerning the comments. The manuscript of the article modified by the author (authors) is sent for re-reviewing.

If the reviewers decide not to recommend for publication, a substantiated refusal to publish is sent to the author (authors) of the manuscript. Manuscripts not recommended for publication are not re-considered.

The total review period is one month.

Reviews are kept in the editorial office for five years.

The total time for making a decision for publication is no more than four months.