Information about the order of publication of articles

1. The manuscript of the article submitted to the editorial office is subject to initial examination for compliance with the journal's subject matter and design requirements ("one-sided blind" review). The editors fix the date of receipt of the article.

2. Accepted articles are sent for review to one or more members of the editorial Board or invited specialists with scientific specialization close to the subject of the article ("bilateral blind" review).

Based on the analysis of the manuscript, the reviewer concludes: "to recommend for publication, revision is not required", "recommended for publication after correction", "not recommended for publication."

The main criteria for evaluating the manuscript of the article are:

  • evaluation of scientific novelty;
  • correspondence of the content to the declared topic;
  • level of scientific and professional style;
  • structured text and logical presentation of ideas;
  • compliance of the research objective with the results/conclusions;
  • the validity of the findings.

The editorial Board sends the results of the review to the author (s) of the submitted manuscript.

The General term of reviewing is 1 month. The results of the review are considered at the meeting of the editorial Board of the journal, which may decide to publish, send the article for re-review or reject it. In the latter case, the author is sent a reasoned refusal. In case of a positive decision, the date of acceptance for publication is fixed. The date of adoption is the day the editorial office receives the final text. A license agreement for the right to use a scientific work in the Journal is concluded with the author/authors. Reviews are stored in the editorial office for five years.

3. Papers accepted for publication are subject to editing. The editorial Board reserves the right to correct errors at the stage of editing the article. Proofreading of articles is not sent to authors. 

The total period of decision - making for publication is four months.